Thursday, January 24, 2008

Time Will Show The Wiser-The Bucketfull Of Brains Collection (1989)

This is a nice little compilation celebrating the first ten years of the influential Bucketfull Of Brains fanzine out of the U.K. Most of these tracks were either unreleased at the time, alternate versions, and/or were given away as free flexi discs with the original issues.

"Bucketfull Of Brains was founded in 1979 by Nigel Cross. It has published continuously since that time under a series of editorial teams. It covers a wide-range of musics; an erstwhile sub-title listed "rock, garage, psych, folk-rock, pop, rock’n’roll”, and to that can now be added country, soul and glam and probably more. Throughout its life it has retained an affection for songs with guitars and thus bands like the Barracudas, the Flamin’ Groovies, the Dream Syndicate, the Long Ryders and the Green Pajamas hold a special place in its affections." (B.O.B Myspace)

They are still active, so check 'em out.

1. The Chills-Oncoming Day
2. Eleventh Dream Day-Between Here And There
3. Thin White Rope-Mother
4. Giant Sand-Wishing Well
5. Miracle Legion-30-60
6. The Seers-You Keep Me Praying
7. The Bevis Frond-High In A Flat
8. Gene Clark-Gypsy Rider
9. Paul Roland-Death Or Glory
10. The Moffs-Horto
11. The Barracudas-Very Last Day
12. Green Pajamas-Walking In The Rain
13. Paul Roland-Gabrielle
14. The Chemistry Set-Wake Up Sometimes
15. The Dentists-Snapdragon
Download Link: Time Will Show The Wiser

Mumps-How I Saved The World

"Along with Blondie, Television, and the Ramones, Mumps were pioneers of the NYC CBGBs/Max's scene from 1975-1980, amassing a huge cult following for their wild and unpredictable stage shows, led by the maniacal gyrations of the notorious Lance Loud, the first reality T.V. star. The literate '60s-pop-informed compositions of Kristian Hoffman claimed a lost punk bubble-anthem territory somewhere between the Kinks, Abba, and Wild Man Fischer. Soho News called Mumps a "hard driving, tightly pulled together powerhouse package, with a genuine teen idol out front."
This compilation contains everything on their critically acclaimed 1995 retrospective CD Fatal Charm (about which Mojo simply stated "I love it!") plus 10 unreleased songs, extensive new notes in a 24 page all color booklet, plus a live DVD of vintage never-before-seen footage, directed and edited by Dave Markey (director: 1991 - The Year Punk Broke). All tracks digitally remastered in 2005." (Sympathy For The Record Industry)

1. I Like To Be Clean
2. Crocodile Tears
3. Rock & Roll This, Rock & Roll That
4. Muscleboys
5. Fatal Charm
6. Brain Massage
7. Scream And Scream Again
8. Just Look / Don't Touch
9. Did You Get The Girl
10. Anyone But You
11. Not Again
12. Awkward Age
13. Before The Accident
14. Forget Me Not
15. Teach Me
16. S.O.S.
17. That's Alright With Me
18. We Ended Up
19. Dutch Boy
20. Stupid
21. Dance Tunes For Underdogs
22. The Decision
23. Photogenia
24. Gimme Gimme
25. Crocodile Tears - (Mankey Version)
Download Link: Mumps pt.1 and Mumps pt.2

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Group 1850 "Mother Nohead" video

Here's a performance of awesome Dutch hippie space-rockers Group 1850 from a Dutch t.v. show. It was posted on youtube by a Dutchman, i'm guessing, with a great blog of his own and tons of interesting posts. Here's what he says about the video...

"This is a late appearance of Group 1850 on Dutch television.I don't think the Group really existed at that time. It is Peter Sjardin who is playbacking, but the rest are invited friends I suppose.Van Oekel's Discohoek was a persiflage on other popular music programs. It was presented by Sjef van Oekel, who couldn't learn a single line by heart. Therefor he always hold papers with the text in his hand. The writer of the show, Wim T Schippers, exploited this: if Sjef anyway had to read his text from paper, why care for easy to remember lines? So there was no limit in the absurdness of the script.Group 1850 was not so popular in the Netherlands, I remember a concert where there were not even 10 paying visitors. Instead of doing their normal show they invited the audience on the stage to play with them. I didn't dare..."

Here is a link to his blog: Wiels Blog and without further ado, the video...

Funny how that happens...

When I started this blog my intention was to go in a more rock n' roll direction, but as often happens I get sidetracked with the oddball pieces in my collection. I guess that just reflects my love of all types of music. From here on in I would like to declare that its open season on whatever I can dig up and post regardless of genre. My selection is limited to what I have on cd right now. When I get set up to do some vinyl rips I promise things will get even more interesting as that is where the real highlights in my collection can be found. As always these posts are meant to further musical discovery and anyone benefiting from them should support the artists and labels that created them. In other words... at some point, if you like it buy it and spread the word. Honestly though, nearly everything I buy is used and rarely do the original artists benefit from what I purchase. Take that anyway you wish, its just the way things go. Happy Hunting! Im gonna go catch me a Mongoose...

Vulcans-Star Trek

In 1972 Trojan Records was looking to cash in. They set their sights on the pop culture trends of the day and decided that Star Trek and the wave of new electronic easy listening and "Switched On..." moog based albums were the biggest things going. What could be better than to combine both with familiar reggae riddims, sit back and watch the cash fall into their laps? The production team of Joe Sinclair, D. Bryan, & Webster Shrowder called in Ken Elliot (formerly of progressive/psych rockers Second Hand) and his newly aquired ARP2600 synthesiser to do the job. The album flopped. In 1973 they released a follow up album entitled Interstellar Reggae Drive credited to Colonel Elliot and the Lunatics. Both can be found on the 2005 cd reissue of Vulcans-Star Trek. Enjoy the madness!
1. Star Trek
2. Dr. Spock
3. Red Herring
4. Joe Kidd
5. Vulcan-ised
6. Journey Into Space
7. Dark Shadows
8. Dracula
9. Shang Haied
10. Asibiso Jungles
11. In The Moog Bush
12. Back-A-Yard
Download Link: Vulcans

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lightnin' Rod - Hustler's Convention

Jalaluddin Mansur Nuriddin a.k.a. Lightnin' Rod was the fearless leader of proto-rap pioneers the Last Poets during their heyday. Here is his funky (backed by Kool & the Gang!) 1973 solo offering Hustler's Convention, a concept album and cautionary tale about hustlin' as only a true hustler of good faith such as Nuriddin could deliver. There's no reason why I need to go into detail about this gem when you can get the inside story straight from the man who created it right here:
1. Sport
2. Spoon
3. The Cafe Black Rose
4. Brother Hominy Grit
5. Coppin' Some Fronts For The Set
6. Hamhock's Hall Was Big
7. The Bones Fly From Spoon's Hand
8. The Break Was So Loud, It Hushed The Crowd
9. Four Bitches Is What I Got
10. Grit's Den
11. The Shit Hits The Fan Again
12. Sentenced To The Chair
Download Link: Lightnin' Rod
This is my first music post, so let me know if everything goes alright or not. Thanks.

Monday, December 17, 2007

This is MADNESS!!!

... and now for something completely different, the immortal Last Poets featuring Pharoah Sanders... raw.